If you are an Android mobile user we are looking to give you a smile.
Watch for the new release of Brian Strain Trivia!
We have removed the user name change option, and setup for in app updates!
As well as support for more devices.
And yet another game in beta, Chicken Road Cross!
This game has been tested for it's user fun :) , and getting great feedback.
We hope to have this out in the next month.
Well a lot has been going on, but we have had a lack of posting.
We have updated Brain Strain Trivia, and Floppy Fish Fun! 
Brain Strain has a major overhaul in the works.
We have just launched a new game named Quick Flip Challenge!
Please try it out, as with the others it is free to download on Google Play.
New version of Floppy Fish Fun released!
Please update/download version 2.7. 
We are still hard at work, sorry for the delays, but please hang in there.
We have moved along well with "Adventure Girl" out newest RPG for Android.
A new re-work for Brain Strain Trivia is also coming along, we hope for beta testing very soon.
This version will have updates via internet for questions and answers, making it a truly never ending trivia game.
Thank you for stopping by :)
Floppy Fish Fun is now on Google Play!
So eat some worms, power up with dolphins and avoid the sharks and obstacles that would cause your demise. 
This new game is free! so why not give it a try.
Google Play


Well we are not where we wanted to be by now on projects. But, we are working hard.

Floppy Fish Fun is close to release, we will post screen shots in the next week, and with luck a link to it!

We are still working on Zombie Rescue, and Brain Strain for children. 



Please try out our Alien Treasure Hunt game, it is not free on Google Play.




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