Alien Treasure Hunt is now available!, see some screen shots below.


Alien Treasure Hunt is a fast-paced game, with easy touch screen to maneuver your ship. There are multiple obstacles to avoid as you move along to claim your treasure. Level changes as you play, so you won’t get bored quickly. Guide your Alien ship to collect coins you can use to complete missions. But, watch out for the rockets and bombs looking to bring you down!
  • * Tough maneuvering action + stylish graphics and music = playing fun
  • * 16 Fun missions to complete the game. (More added during updates)
  • * Sound toggle on/off and pause
  • * Earn coins during play and you can shop for Power Up’s !
Tips for playing Alien Treasure Hunt: Keep your finger to the lower left behind the space ship to move up, this avoids your finger being in the way of action. Take your finger off the screen to drop the ship down. Touching the screen raises your ship. Use the Reset button on the top menu to clear all missions. Caution: This will remove and reset all completed missions (fresh start). Have fun playing!


Get it from the Google Play Store for only 0.99 cents.


Thank you for looking!

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