Brain Strain Trivia!
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This is the first of several planned releases, this game is FREE and supported by ad's from Google. 
Gameplay was designed to challenge your trivia knowledge. We are not providing hints and or cheats for trivia questions. This was to encourage friendly group assistance and research if required. 
In this game you will find various ranges of difficulty in the questions, from easy to brain straining. There are no easy/hard levels; you take it all in this trivia game. You will be challenged with 500 questions, 100 in each category. You can go back to the main menu while playing a level, it will keep track of the questions you answered correctly.
You will have Science, Literature, Music, History, and Potpourri categories to switch between in this version. 
The objective is to answer as many questions in each category you can in the shortest amount of time. The Leaderboard will sort by score and accumulative time taken. 
This game is geared toward U.S. residents, but if you reside outside the U.S., you may still find this game fun to try out. 
The next volume release is planned to include Google Play Game Services Leaderboard!. 
Please note: Due to setting up data this game may take up to 60 seconds to start the loading screen. This will only happen on the initial install, starting the game after that should be quick.
Play Options:
Game Timer – This option allows you to set the time between questions during the games. You can choose between 15-30-45-60 seconds and save that as your preference.
Change Name – This option allows you to start anew, with this option see the warning, all your scores will be set as a new install. This means that all scores will become zero, but allows you to choose a new player name to start fresh.
High Scores – This option is where you can view and post your score to the Leaderboard. You will only have a “post score” button if you have a score to post. 
Sound – This option allows you to hear game sounds or mute them.
Start Game – Once you select an option from one of the five categories, this button will begin the game you selected.
Quit Game – This button will close the game.
Please try it out, we hope you enjoy playing.
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